This is a collection of academic videos produced by BC Media Productions

Innovate Everything - Admissions Video for WPI

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"Innovate Everything" is a branding and admissions video for Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester MA. This 10-month-long project is a culmination of over 30 shoot days from across the globe. We interview real WPI students doing amazing, innovative work on campus and abroad.

Director : Ben Consoli
Producers : Ben Consoli & Maria Della Croce
Director of Photography : Adam Starr
Writer : Maria Della Croce
Camera Operators : Adam Starr, Brandon Vincent, Nikki Bramley, Steve McDonald, Brian Stansfield, Brian Daigle, Ben Consoli
Production Assistants : Sean Meehan, Brian Daigle, Andrew Consoli Jr.
Makeup : Mary Plante
Offline Editor : Phil Santoro
Online Editor : Ben Consoli
Colorist : Gregory Ikens
Motion Graphics : Gregory Ikens
Audio for Picture Engineer / Mix : Matt Russell

Shot with Canon C300, Sony FS100 - FS700, Canon 7D-5D
Edited with Final Cut Pro X - FCPX
Produced in 2012