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Karel Vachek is one of the the most original Czech director of the last fifty years. He is often called “enfant terrible of the Czech New Wave” . After 1968 silenced by the Communist regime, emigrated with his family to the USA via France. His films are described as film novels because their divergent structure and potent philosophical base remind one of modern novels. Karel Vachek is professor and head of Documentary Department at FAMU.

Dalibor - sample - NY Twins

Who will Watch the Watchman? Dalibor Or The Key to Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Year of production 2003
Written by Karel Vachek
Screenplay Karel Vachek
Director Karel Vachek
Dir. of photography Karel Slach

Ivan Martin Jirous, Jan Rejžek, Vlastimil Třešňák, John Bok, Petr Cibulka, Jan Němec, Karel Vachek, Jakub Polák


The final installment in the Little Capitalist Tetralogy takes place within the walls of Prague’s Art Nouveau National Theatre. During a piano rehearsal of Bedřich Smetana’s opera Dalibor, Vachek brings together thinkers of various stripes to probe the state of the nation.
Was Czech history a theatrical counterfeit performed by conspiratorial politicians? Is it this nation’s fate to become a guard on the crossroads of europe‘s highways? Is the national educational system designed to destroy the intelligence of the state? And is it possible to sneak through national myths towards freedom?