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Amusing practices of Bujutsu Vol.1 Jujutsu by KURODA Tetsuzan Shihan

Create an ideal body controlling for Bujutsu where unconscious movement and speed are inquired. Jyuntai-ho, Musokuno-ho, Ukimi Here an unique practising way based on absolute denial of power is explained for Bujutsu practinoners.

Master KURODA Tetsuzan, representative of Shinbu Kan He, as a Koryu Bujutsu-ka, has been questing "disappearing movement" and realizes super speed of body movement which normal people can not observe clearly. By these two DVD master KURODA explains his special practicing ways by which one can create artificial body which fits to Bujyutsu but not fits to normal daily life.He calls such practicing way as "amusing practices". That practicing way surely benefit to all the Bujutsu, Budo practinoers as their daily practices by which they can improve their quality of body movement with aiming to win the match, means to survive as Bujutsu-ka for the future.