Colin Jones: Black House 1973 - 1976

In 1973 Colin Jones was commissioned by the Sunday Times Magazine to document The Black House, a north London hostel on the Holloway Road in Islington. Officially the Harambee housing project, it was a government funded local community initiative, which aimed to provide rehabilitation and support for disillusioned black adolescents, who experienced prejudice and problems in education, employment and the law.

'Over the four years of my visiting the Black House, the reality of what I had been doing was only made clear to me on the opening night of the exhibition, when I was asked: "Which part of America did you take these photographs?" "Holloway Road, about three miles from where we were both standing." I now realise that it could have been anywhere in the world where a small community is threateded and afraid...'
- Colin Jones

'Colin Jones's photographs are a powerful record of time and place; beyond the images is a remarkable rhetoric about London identity, expressed in the subjects' style and glimpses of the setting.'
- The Telegraph

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