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ASVOFF11 Awarded Films

LUO YANG x DAZED by Julien Colonna

FILM TITLE: LUO YANG x DAZED/DIRECTOR'S NAME:Julien Colonna/PRODUCTION COMPANY: Moonduckling/COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:Thailand, Bangkok/DURATION: 00:05:13/LANGUAGE: English/BRAND: ARTIST Luo Yang in collaboration with Dazed Digital/MUSIC: Bastien Burger, Cyesm/CAST: Luo Yang, Kwanta: Sirijanya Choonhavan, Nalin: Kunnalin Satearrujikanon, Try: Mutita Suwannarit/DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Liam Morgan/ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Shalini Kellinghaus/MAKE-UP: Irina Mysova
SHORT SYNOPSIS: Moonduckling in collaboration with Dazed Digital presents filmmaker and photographer Luo Yang’s latest project that spotlights two Asian women with unconventional takes on femininity. After a successful exhibition in Bangkok late December 2018, she took on a personal project and casted local subjects after focusing solely on Chinese women for over a decade. Produced by Annette Fausboll and Jean Alexandre Luciani, and in collaboration with Dazed director Julien Colonna and Creative Director Shalini Kellinghaus, we made a film following the artist at work in a new environment. Candid interviews with Luo and her subjects are blended in a stream-of-consciousness manner to reveal her creative process, and how she uses her photography to get to the heart of the joys, trials, and contradictions that are part of every person’s coming-of-age story. Let the film take you inside the world of a woman who Ai Weiwei named one of the top rising stars in Chinese photography. Luo plans to take the project on a global scale, visiting multiple cities like Paris, Tokyo, and London.
DIRECTOR'S BIO: Julien learned the craft of photography in Corsica’s untamed nature before moving to Paris. He continues to seek out experimental, commercial and short form drama projects around the globe, collaborating with renowned contemporary artists, and with the explicit goal to match his extensive research in characters’ emotions with new forms of cinematographic expressions. Julien’s personal work has been screened around Europe, America, and Asia, and he has been awarded several prizes for his last short movie Confession. He recently directed Brutal, an international TV series for Canal+, completed a MasterCard commercial featuring Hugh Jackman, and is in pre-production of his first long form drama project Equinoxes. He has done work for brands such as Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal, Clarins, UNICEF, and Hennessy.

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