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ASVOFF11 Awarded Films

Moncler Director's Cut by Michal Socha

FILM TITLE: Moncler Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara/DIRECTOR'S NAME: Michał Socha, Kuba Socha/PRODUCTION COMPANY: Acme filmworks, BrosFX/COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: POLAND/DURATION: 00:01:58/BRAND: Moncler Fragment / Hiroshi Fujiwara/MUSIC: Fasion "Oooh"/CAST: Jacek Tarkawian, Adam Fidusiewicz/DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Maciej Grzybowski/ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Michał Socha/STYLIST&HAIR & MAKAE-UP: Rita Zimmermann
SHORT SYNOPSIS: Film is a part of Moncler genius immersive event that took place in September in Milan. Ispired by collection Hiroshi Fujiwara, our idea was to destroy old to create new. Surrealistic mix of animated scenes in another dimension, different world including defragmented element such as fire, water, wind . Revolution brings defragmented chaos that evolve to an new world and order.
SHORT DIRECTOR'S BIO: Michał Socha (born in 1981 in Warsaw, Poland) – Director, graphic designer, animator and scriptwriter. He graduated with honours at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He is a wizard of storytelling and through his unique and compelling style he has captured audiences worldwide. His animated short films: "Room", "Chick" ‘Loop"," Icarus" were screened at festivals around the world

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