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Romancing Reality by Daniel Peddle

FILM TITLE: Romancing Reality/DIRECTOR'S NAME: Daniel Peddle/PRODUCTION COMPANY: The Secret Gallery/COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: USA/DURATION: 00:08:03/LANGUAGE: ENGLISH/FILM TYPE: FASHION/BRAND: 3.1 Phillip Lim/MUSIC: Ian Hatton/CAST: Jerome Loston, Brook Klausing, Nathaniel Dam, Nova Loston, Lumia Nocito, Bailey Storms/DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Dmitiri Borysevicz/ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Phillip Lim/STYLIST: Raquel Castellanos/MAKE-UP: Lumia Nocito
SHORT SYNOPSIS: An intimate portrait of three men and their morning routine in NYC.
DIRECTOR'S BIO: Daniel Peddle has directed five feature films, published several books, shown his paintings globally, discovered actress Jennifer Lawrence and with partner Drew Dasent, formed The Secret Gallery, a casting company focused on fashion with an international clientèle. A profile by Dossier Magazine explains, “His craft is the art of refined exploration, of sifting through the human morass and unearthing its coveted delights.”

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