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Magpie (Or the adventures of a pickpocket) by Emir Eralp

FILM TITLE: Magpie (Or the adventures of a pickpocket)/DIRECTOR'S NAME: Emir Eralp/PRODUCTION COMPANY: DEAR UNCLE/COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: UK/DURATION: 00:02:27/LANGUAGE; English/BRAND: nowness/MUSIC: Viljam Nybacka/CAST: Klara Kristin/DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Adam Barnett/ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Andrea Cellerino/STYLIST: Nobuko Tannawa/HAIR: Maki Tanaka/MAKE-UP: Natsumi Narita

SHORT SYNOPSIS : A pickpocket goes on a 60's influenced rampage of casual thievery.

SHORT DIRECTOR BIO:Emir was born in Istanbul. He studied in Chicago. Then lived in New York, London and Stockholm. He now watches films and makes films full time.

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