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Transit Cruise Control by Schmid, Reto + Bungarten, Maximilian

FILM TITLE: Transit Curies Control/DIRECTOR'S NAME: Reto Schmid, Maximilian Bungarten/PRODUCTION COMPANY: Reto Schmid/COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: FRANCE/DURATION: 00:01:40/MUSIC: Meredi/CAST: Hannelore Knuts, Shanelle Nyasiase/STYLIST: Patti Wilson/HAIR: Laurent Philippon/MAKE-UP: Cécile Paravina
SHORT SYNOPSIS: A mysterious bag, two cops, no airplane in sight: „Transit Cruise Control“ captures two women in a strange and isolated transit zone, who find themselves caught in a dangerous game of bluff, deceit and betrayal.
For Vogue Spain, Swiss photographer Reto Schmid creates a surreal world, in which time and space escape human comprehension.

SHORT DIRECTOR'S BIO: Described as ‘a photographer with an eye for subtle hilarity’, Reto is a graduate of Switzerland’s ECAL. His highly-polished style and distinct humour stem from his photographic skill and cross-disciplinary approach. “I’m often trying to introduce elements that you wouldn’t expect in a fashion shoot. To push the boundaries of fashion imagery and take inspiration from all sorts of contexts", he says.

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