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Cine Joven | Telenovela | Mundos Diferentes

This after-school program provides hands-on exercises in composition, camera movement, storyboarding, image, sound development and editing instruction in Final Cut Pro. Students will also be encouraged to incorporate their experiences during the writing process and to play all the crew roles including acting during the shoots. They will also have the chance to work with guest star teachers. Not only will students gain invaluable production experience, but also gain necessary skills for their future careers.

Sponsorships and grants cover most or all tuition costs for eligible students. Everyone will have the opportunity to participate in this class, but sign up fast! Spots are limited.

For more information, please call Anne Kelley at 512-236-8877 or email at

Mundos Diferentes | Episode 1: Meaner Girls

High School student Maria has just arrived in Texas from Mexico, misunderstood she is subjected to bullying by fellow student Alejandra and her mean­girl clique. Cruel rumors are spread around the school and more than feelings are hurt.

Mundos Diferentes is a student­based production part of ASoF's Cine Joven: Filmmaking in Spanish program.

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