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Co-Creating with the Public

Charlie Miller & Emily Tarquin: Creating Performances That Cannot Exist Without an Audience

It Takes an Audience: The Art of Creating Performances That Cannot Exist Without an Audience
Charlie Miller & Emily Tarquin, Curators of Off-Center @ The Jones, Denver Center Theatre Company

The Denver Center Theatre Company established Off-Center @ The Jones as a theatrical test kitchen; many of Off-Center’s prototypes experiment with new relationships between artists and the audience. Off-Center’s Recipe for programming takes into account the full audience experience and puts it at the center of the artistic process. While every Off-Center prototype requires the audience do more than just “watch,” some of our shows cannot happen without audience participation. Off-Center Curators Charlie Miller and Emily Tarquin will share their learning from two such prototypes, THE ULTIMATE WII BASEBALL GAME and their upcoming production of WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE: The Scariest Game Show Ever.

This Talk was delivered at the National Innovation Summit for Arts & Culture on October 21, 2013 at the History Colorado Center in Denver, CO. To learn more about the Summit, please visit

The tweets featured in the recording of this Talk are from engaged participants in the Virtual Summit, which streamed these Talks live to hundreds of viewers worldwide. To learn more about the Virtual Summit, please visit

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