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ArtPrize 2013 at GRAM

“ArtPrize 2013 at GRAM: Reimagining the Landscape and the Future of Nature”:
Artists today have a complex relationship with the environment that goes beyond celebrating the beauty of landscape. GRAM’s ArtPrize exhibition will feature artists who are exploring images and ideas taken not only from the world around us, but also from the history of art, contemporary discussions about the environment, and frontiers of natural science.

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ArtPrize at GRAM: Adam Mulder

In Melancholy, Adam Mulder uses the seed form as the physical incarnation of his own struggle with depression. Seeds form and transform through external and internal stimuli, much the way human personality traits and emotional identity form through our daily encounters with hardship and blessing. The hypnotic blue lights and the shining outer surfaces of the main body of the seed entice the viewer, which Mulder links to his experience with depression as a strangely appealing monster that can be difficult to escape.