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Rebecca Agnew, A Swan Song, 2013

Rebecca Agnew
A Swan Song, 2013
Artbank collection, commissioned 2013

Music: The Bon Scotts
Voices: Ange Strickland, John Burton, Tom Whalgers

When the babysitter discovers the loss of a swan figurine - a precious family heirloom - chaos, bullying and torturous narratives unravel the otherwise unremarkable evening. With time passing, the stress and impending ramifications get the better of everyone. Where did the swan go?

In this stop motion film, artist Rebecca Agnew explores the dynamics of family, authority and the levels in which we go to deceive ourselves and others. Agnew is an emerging Melbourne based artist who works with stop motion animation, drawing and installation, often using the figure to compound narratives and satirically distort fact and fiction.