Baby Let Your Hair Hang down

Film Festival Award Winning documentary

Director: Georgia Van Cuylenburg
Producers: David M. Rudy, Georgia Van Cuylenburg, Joaquin Perles
Writer: Georgia Van Cuylenburg

The story of one Australian girl's battle with an auto-immune disease and how she finds the courage to face it head on and be a voice and champion for children around the world!

Trailer # 1 - Baby Let Your Hair Hang Down

Production Companies: Armada Partners, Perles Films, I Am Spartacus Entertainment
Executive Producer: David M. Rudy
Writer: Georgia Van Cuylenberg
Producers: David M. Rudy, Joaquin Perles, Georgia Van Cuylenberg
Directors: Chuchie Hill, Shaun Conrad
Cast: Georgia Van Cuylenberg, Stephen Kramer Glickman, Kyle Cease,