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Ardens for EMIS Web is a clinical decision support and workflow optimisation solution. It includes clinical templates, data-quality alerts, clinical safety alerts, advanced reporting, solutions to manage Locally Commissioned Services, and integrated referral forms.

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Maximising Income Webinar 2022/23

Achieving contractual requirements has become increasingly complex with large numbers of targets and clinicians working across different GP practices within PCNs.

This webinar will provide you with useful hints and tips on how to maximise income for the remainder of the financial year using the Ardens resources. It will also help you understand the importance of prevalence, how to highlight data quality issues that may be affecting payments, and how to identify outstanding work for areas such as IIF and QOF.

- Introduction (1:40)
- QOF (4.41)
- IIF (29:43)
- CQRS (43:20)
- Flu - (50:30)
- Webinar takeaways (58:36)
- Ardens Manager (1:01:47)
- Ardens Portal (1:10:08)

For further support, please contact the Ardens EMIS Support Team at