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Ardens for EMIS Web is a clinical decision support and workflow optimisation solution. It includes clinical templates, data-quality alerts, clinical safety alerts, advanced reporting, solutions to manage Locally Commissioned Services, and integrated referral forms.

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Childhood Immunisations Webinar

This webinar will help GP practices understand the Ardens resources available to support Childhood Immunisation activity. During this webinar we will cover:

- How to locate and use the Ardens Childhood Immunisation template to ensure practice staff are recording the correct immunisation codes for QOF and Enhanced Services.
- Monitoring QOF and CQRS childhood immunisation achievement, including data quality searches to ensure correct payment.
- Recalling patients for immunisations (if this is done by your practice).
- Monitoring uptake of all childhood immunisations.

For information on available Ardens EMIS childhood immunisation resources -

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