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Ardens for EMIS Web is a clinical decision support and workflow optimisation solution. It includes clinical templates, data-quality alerts, clinical safety alerts, advanced reporting, solutions to manage Locally Commissioned Services, and integrated referral forms.

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Ardens LTC Recall System Webinar

The Ardens LTC Recall System supports practices with streamlining the management of patients with long term conditions. It is designed to recall patients by month of birth for all conditions at once, meaning those patients with more than one condition will only receive one invitation and fewer appointments.

The system has been further enhanced to allow practices to separate out those patients with only a single condition, for directed messages to be sent to certain cohorts.

The following webinar covers:

How to locate the Ardens LTC Searches (3:59)
How to run the searches (7:54)
Sending 1st invitations (9:35)
Identifying the conditions the patient has been invited in for - Reception protocol (27:37)
Capturing LTC data using the Ardens Multi-Morbidity Templates (29:44)
Sending 2nd Invitations (32:40)
Use of the Recall Arranged code (40:47)
Detailed Review Searches (42:44)
Data Quality Searches (55:46)
Training and Support (1:01:31)

If you need further support on the use of the Ardens LTC Recall System, please contact our Support Team at