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Ardens for EMIS Web is a clinical decision support and workflow optimisation solution. It includes clinical templates, data-quality alerts, clinical safety alerts, advanced reporting, solutions to manage Locally Commissioned Services, and integrated referral forms.

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Getting started with Ardens EMIS once it is installed

This 25-minute webinar is for users who have recently had Ardens installed in their GP practice. It explains the following:

Downloading resources from the portal - 4:04
Available Ardens Clinical Templates - 5:02
How practice staff access the Ardens Clinical Templates - 7:11
Deactivating Clinical Templates - 8:04
Available Document Templates - 10:45
Deactivating Document Templates - 12:12
How practice staff access the Ardens Document Templates - 12:50
Identifying Ardens Alerts - 13:37
How practice staff access the Ardens Searches and Reports- 16:30
Deleting searches no longer required - 17:48
Training and support available - 21:08