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Ardens for EMIS Web is a clinical decision support and workflow optimisation solution. It includes clinical templates, data-quality alerts, clinical safety alerts, advanced reporting, solutions to manage Locally Commissioned Services, and integrated referral forms.

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Ardens LTC Recall Live Q+A Session - March 22

The following webinar is a live Q+A session answering practice queries on the Ardens LTC Recall System. It covered:

- The difference between System A and System B (3:01)
- Vulnerable Patients (6:26)
- Sending 1st Invitations for patients born in April (11:12)
- Coding 1st Invitations for next financial year (13:08)
- F12 protocol for the Reception team to identify which conditions the patient is being invited in for (14:04)
- AF excluder (17:24)
- Plus further questions asked by the group (20:48)

To view the online instructions for using the Ardens LTC recall system, click on the following link -

For further support on the recall system, please contact our Support Team at