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Cinema Portfolio

A collection of our narrative projects.

  1. Arc Media Music Video Reel

    Clips from some of our music videos.

  2. The Beating

    Another random film we shot in about 3 hours. The script was written by Boe in like 30mins the day before the shoot. As always, no prep, just make it up as we go.

  3. AD - "Alarm's Set" (Official Music Video)

    AD - "Alarm's Set"
    © 2012 PIC Films

    Produced/Directed by: Moses Olson
    Cinematographer/Editor: Ali Mohsenian
    Production Design: Cherelle Ashby, Jonelle Cornwell
    Stunt Coordinator(s): Sam Laseke, Moses Olson
    Technical Adviser; Stunt Team: Scott Stezelecki
    Prop Master: Alicia Graf
    Location Manager: Giovanni Ginty "G"
    On Set Photographer(s): Karina Whitmarsh, Cody Wheeler
    Production Assistant: Jon Rho
    Catering; Craft Services: Jennifer Asmundson (of Ginger Inc.)

    AD, Rick Walters, Trin Miller, Dre Bvong

    Stunt Team:
    Jonathan Klatt, Curt McGann, Brian Young, Cindy Lemos, Rebecca Laseke, Max Kang, Steve Truong, Garrick Graham

    Special Thanks:
    Mike Cray, Bob Cray of The Metalsmiths Inc (Location)
    Eric Cormier (Chevy Nova)

  4. Moonlight

    ARC Media Website:

    The Story:
    In early 2012, Pianist/Violinist/Composer Jennifer Thomas sent Singer/Actress Viktoria Tocca an email congratulating her on her win in the Classical genre at the 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Awards where both ladies were nominees. After many novel-length emails, the two women found many commonalities and a new friendship even though they lived an ocean apart.

    As Tocca and Thomas discussed a possible collaboration, they ended up deciding to find a classical song that they could arrange and modernize. Jennifer really liked the idea of using Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" because it had the elements to create a duet for the two - featuring the piano part for her, and a beautiful melody line that Viktoria could write lyrics for.

    Jennifer arranged the piece for piano and vocal, Viktoria wrote the lyrics for it, and Glen Gabriel did all of the orchestrations.

    In late 2012, Viktoria came to Seattle (where Jennifer lives) and they teamed up with ARC Media (Ali Mohsenian) and director Moses Olson to create a music video for the song. Where both women come from a genre of Classical Crossover music, where they are often seen in beautiful dresses with flowers and very feminine themes, they wanted to try something different that would be quite the contrast to the music or what CC fans are used to seeing.

    The concept of Viktoria being a high-class thief and Jennifer the cop trying to chase her down for a recent bank heist was visualized by Moses Olson at almost the 11th hour after a different video concept did not work out. With the help of the amazing people involved, the generous home owners (for Viktoria's "home"), the building manager (the rooftop scene in Seattle), car drivers, actors and more -- they were able to pull off a video on a small budget and minimal time allotment.

    Filming Locations:

    The Lake House: THANK YOU to the Lawrence family for allowing us to use their beautiful Sammamish Lake home. This home is for sale and you can find details at the following link:

    A little funny tidbit about when we were filming at the lake home -- several times there were people out in boats who stopped in front of the house because they thought that real cops were surrounding the house and chasing someone. A couple of people yelled from their boats "Are you guys okay?!". When we told them we were filming, more boats would come by and stop and watch.

    The Rooftop: Downtown Seattle, WA - Thank you to Peter Cho for letting us use the rooftop of your building so late at night. You were so generous and helpful.

    Music by Jennifer Thomas (Based on Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata)
    Lyrics by Viktoria Tocca
    Orchestrated and produced by Glen Gabriel (
    Mixed/Mastered by Ulf Olofsson (

    Moses Olson - Director / Writer
    Ali Mohsenian -- Cinematography / Editor / Producer
    Jonelle Cornwell -- Producer / Makeup/ Hair
    Jennifer Thomas -- The Cop
    Viktoria Tocca -- The Thief
    Chris Hynes -- The Lover
    Demone Gore -- Detective
    Gretchen Black -- Detective
    Rick Walters -- The Wheelman
    Noelle Jensen -- Makeup/Hair
    Michael Kang -- Production Assistant / Bank Patron

  5. 2010 Seattle 48 hour film festival - "A Stab in the Dark"

    This was our entry for the 2010 Seattle 48 hour film contest. We filmed it all the Canon 5D with Zeiss lens.

  6. Near Death Documentry