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Forging Titanium

Forging Titanium is produced by the Appcelerator Developer Relations team (@appcelerator on Twitter). New episodes every Wednesday covering Titanium tips, tricks, best practices, and mashups with other technologies.

Forging Titanium Episode 22: Path-like Menu

Blog post:

Today we're going to do something a little different with Forging Titanium. We're going to take a popular app from the wild and see how we can implement some of its features in Titanium. Today's target: the animated menu from the Path mobile app.

In this episode we'll cover topics like:

* Advanced animation techniques
* Rotating and scaling UI components
* Native iOS module development
* Cross-platform considerations
* Titanium extensibility

With these techniques, we'll not only show you that Titanium can execute and perform as well as its native counterpart, but also do so from a single code base.