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Forging Titanium

Forging Titanium is produced by the Appcelerator Developer Relations team (@appcelerator on Twitter). New episodes every Wednesday covering Titanium tips, tricks, best practices, and mashups with other technologies.

Forging Titanium Episode 20: Titanium Mobile 1.8

The Titanium Mobile 1.8 SDK is here and it comes with a whole bag of goodies! Here's just a short list of some of the highlights:

* Dual runtime support for both Rhino and the newly integrated V8 engine for Android
* The Mobile Web Beta SDK is now integrated into Titanium Mobile
* 2 new gestures: `longpress` and `pinch`
* Android VideoPlayers can now be embedded
* Full XML DOM Level 2 support on both Android and iOS
* Support for the iOS 5.0.1 "do-not-back-up" file attribute

And there's a whole lot more. Be sure to watch this screencast to see a number of these new features and parity alignments in action!

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