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Forging Titanium

Forging Titanium is produced by the Appcelerator Developer Relations team (@appcelerator on Twitter). New episodes every Wednesday covering Titanium tips, tricks, best practices, and mashups with other technologies.

Forging Titanium Episode 19: Titanium Studio 1.0.7

This week on "Forging Titanium" we're going to take a look at the new features offered in the latest 1.0.7 release of Titanium Studio. Your favorite tool for Titanium development just got a lot more powerful. Here's some highlights from the over 400 new features and fixes:

* Dashboard configuration wizard to help download, install, and configure your native iOS and Android SDKs
* Supports configuration of both Rhino and V8 as your Android runtime
* Debugging is now available for the V8 runtime
* Native iOS and Android modules can now be created right in Titanium Studio with the new module creation wizard
* Titanium API code snippets are loaded up and ready to be used with just a few key strokes
* You can now create your own app templates and samples using Rubles

Rather than read this list, why not just check out the screencast and see them all in action? It's a must-view for Titanium developers looking to leverage every bit of power Titanium Studio provides.