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Ingo Muschenetz: Titanium Studio Deep Dive

Have questions about how to script or integrate a desired feature? Titanium Studio offers a wealth of opportunities for modifying and extending behavior through both Eclipse plugins and Rubles, Studio's own scripting interface.

Ingo Muschenetz, Director of Tools Engineering, will lead a deep dive into the scripting interface of Titanium Studio to show how you can customize and extend Studio to better fit your preferences and workflow. We'll cover themes, scopes, commands, snippets, project templates and content assist showing possible approaches and solutions to easily modifying existing functionality, providing your own, and sharing with others.

This session is for developers of all skill levels, with discussion and explanation of several use cases.

Ingo Muschenetz is Appcelerator's Director, Tools Engineering, Appcelerator. He leads the development efforts for the Titanium Studio and Aptana Studio products .