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Jeff English: Demystifying Module Development - How to Extend Titanium

The ability to extend your application with custom functionality, whether an external library or your own custom library, opens up numerous possibilities for what you can create. Titanium enables this with what are called 'modules'. Modules provide a bridge between your Javascript application code and your native library code. Getting started writing your own modules can seem confusing, but once your understand the architecture of a module and how it integrates with the Titanium platform you will be able to add your own functionality in short order.

In this session you will learn:

How to create your module project
How to call methods and pass parameters to your module from your Javascript code
How to make callbacks into your Javascript code from your module

This session is for anyone interested in understanding module development and how to get started.

Jeff English is the Modules Development Manager at Appcelerator. Jeff and his team designed and developed many of the Appcelerator modules found in the Marketplace.