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Jeremy Glassenberg: Using Titanium to Connect to Enterprise SaaS

From the launch of the iPhone and subsequent opening of the iOS to developers, to Android OS and now tablets, we’ve seen the surge in mobile software development. Not only has the industry grown exponentially, but it has expanded into new demographics – and in particular, the latest innovations are enabling developers to create business-grade solutions on mobile devices.

The entrance of enterprise customers into the mobile industry comes as no surprise. In recent years, SaaS solutions have gone beyond consumer services as well, expanding on the precedent set by And all the while the API craze continued from 2009 onward. creating an excellent point of synergy.

For mobile developers interested in building business-grade applications, here you’ll learn tips and tricks for working with Enterprise SaaS APIs. We’ll highlight the business opportunities for mobile development in the space, and the technical opportunities in adding SaaS solutions to your applications.