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Kevin Whinnery: Write Better JavaScript

One of the main reasons Titanium Mobile has been so successful is that the technology has significantly lowered the barrier to entry for native mobile development. A major force behind this is JavaScript, Titanium's primary programming language. The JavaScript programming language is small enough where the basics can be learned in a matter of hours, which has enabled developers from many different backgrounds to become productive using Titanium. But there's much more to JavaScript than just control structures and a handful of primitive data types - JavaScript is a beautiful functional programming language with great features you might not be using.

Most developers working on the web today have had some exposure to JavaScript, but there's a difference between using jQuery for DOM manipulation on a web page and writing an entire application in JavaScript. This talk, intended for beginner or intermediate JavaScript developers, will focus on the essential language features you will need to write professional JavaScript applications, including but not limited to:

Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript
The Good Parts and Bad Parts of JavaScript
Useful JavaScript Patterns, Tricks, and Style Guidelines
The JavaScript runtime in Titanium Mobile
Further Reading and ways to stay up to date on JavaScript