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Canadian Poet Jean Mercier and his team create series for people you love since 1984!

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We believe that kindness is the ultimate answer to everything.

".. thought-provocative, deeply curious and calmly celebratory, the magic of Mercier's words could certainly change one's life within a year."
- E.T. Marsh, NY Times Best Selling Author
No walls coming up here, EVER!
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Our work has been shown in more than 50 countries to date! Our books and films are used by educators all over the world in language classes or in regular schools to start discussions on social emotional learning through diversity, fairness and the celebration of everyone.

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The productions of Mr. Mercier have also been distributed in JAPAN (through courses of English as a second language with the GLOBAL LEARNING CHANNEL of SKY PERFECT TV), in GREECE, PORTUGAL, TURKEY, KOREA, INDONESIA, the PHILIPPINES, in every country from the Arab World and many other territories from Eastern Europe like the Ex-USSR, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary. Some of his titles are also currently available on DVD in North America and on demand via broadband in Japan since 2005. (Teacher's guides are available for some of his films in the classroom. Please contact us.)

He spends most of his time writing to develop new projects.

  1. 5/5 ***** My Hometown - Classic Educational Series by Poet Jean Mercier, as seen in over 55 countries! (40x24 m)

    Also on AMAZON VIDEO:
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    #Comedy #Drama #Youth Also on VHX:

    Family series MY HOMETOWN from Canadian Poet Jean Mercier. (Trailer)
    To license this series for libraries or schools, church groups, small audience, or local community television, go to: or or directly from the producer with two (2) downloads included that you can share with a partner at:
    Commercial broadcasters, please contact us.

    IF YOU ARE A TEACHER, a retirement home, a social worker, hospital, a youth centre, or small group (under 75): you can use it with your group also when you rent it or with the VHX subscription! We hereby grant you the right to do so. Find it also on AMAZON to rent or for download to own at or contact us for the DVD set of all the episodes for $99.00 (for one teacher)

    Classic family series MY HOMETOWN from Canadian poet Jean Mercier as seen on YTV Canada, TV ONTARIO, The Knowledge Channel (BC), The Disney Channel in New Zealand and Australia and some 50 other countries.
    With Jay Baruchel, Albert Rosos, Sarah Osman, Vernon Chapman, Jamieson Boulanger, Tim Post, Chantal Leblanc-Everett, Shawn Pyfrom, Vernon Chapman, Norris Domingue, Bucky Hill, Dan Warry-Smith, Ken Munday, Jamie Elman and many others.

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  2. A Day In A Life: Yes, A Film for Seniors! ***** (5/5) Very Touching Movie by Poet Jean Mercier (94 min) #Aging #MentalHealth

    Put up your own little group screening with this download! Teachers, classrooms, libraries, event planners can use any of our series or films.
    See more from us at: apoemaday.TV
    Perfect gift for your parents or grand-parents! Get the DVD at our CreateSpace eStore: (an company)

    A DAY IN A LIFE / LES LILAS D'AUTOMNE (Canadian, 2000) (English, with French tracks + closed caption)
    Rent the full movie online (compatible with APPLE TV) at:
    *This film was entirely shot in Canada's jewel city, Victoria, British Columbia. Great gift on any occasion for the elders in your family - they will love this movie!
    If you were given another chance, what would you do? A DAY IN A LIFE tells the story of five seniors who decide to turn an ordinary day into something special. Stars RICHARD BULL, better known for his recurring role as Mr. Oleson in THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. The impressive supporting cast includes Vernon Chapman, Emile Genest, Joy Coghill, Frances Bay, Norris Domingue, Jamieson Boulanger, Ann Turnbull and Shawn Pyfrom. Produced and Directed by Canadian poet JEAN MERCIER, this film will stay with you for a long long time.

  3. Quand Le Coeur Attend: Déjà 20 ans! (26 épisodes)

    Fact: My DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY on A HEARTBEAT AWAY (French series QUAND LE COEUR ATTEND) was Jonathan Freeman who went on to work later on big Hollywood productions like TAKEN produced by Steven Spielberg.
    CHANSON EN ANGLAIS - de la série en Français avec accents Québécois typiques. 26 épisodes pour toute la famille!
    Une vidéo de produite et réalisée par / A music video produced and directed by: Jean Mercier.
    Musique et paroles de / Music & Lyrics by: Philip Russel George.
    Éditions musicales / Music Publishing: Mercier Media Musiques (SOCAN)

  4. Simple Words for a Better World Series © - Jean Mercier's A Poem A Day * Full 100 Chapters * 3500 Love Notes * 10 hrs of Content

    Teachers, classrooms, libraries, event planners, social workers etc… can use any of our series or films. See more from us at: apoemaday.TV

    WELCOME TO YOU! If you need comfort, I want you to know: you are not alone! :)
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    © Poems by Jean Mercier, Pictures by Junichiro Kuniyoshi



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