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MY HOMETOWN Educational Series Discussion guide + video teasers (40x24m) - Seen in 55 countries!

Diversity. Living together. Fairness. Acceptance. Used all over the world, both for social emotional learning and ESL or English classes.
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Discussion guide by: Donna Kozak, B.Ed, M.Ed & Peter Pullinger, B.Ed, M.A for educators in schools and in the community. Find the teasers lower.

"...epitomizes the very qualities that we all aspire to.. fairness, empathy, honesty, inspired creativity and respect....
.... captures a Rockwellian Disney'esque essence..... timeless and should be a 'must watch' for all families. I rate MY HOMETOWN "two wings up" ...from angels on Earth!
Dale E. Taylor , Former VP Programming & Production, YTV CANADA

"...a delightful, timeless and quality series that offers young viewers a very engaging and positive viewing experience." Michelle Lee, Director of Programming & Acquisitions, PERALTA COLLEGE TV

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The programs offer a portrait of young adolescent life in the small town, “Maplewood.” Thirteen year-old Thomas Thompson, with his diverse friends and family form the core of characters who take on the challenges of everyday life. Their stories bring today’s issues forward in a realistic, humorous and sometimes poignant way. Some of the issues include: peer pressure, self esteem, personal heritage, leaving home, sickness and grief, love and infatuation and drinking and driving. Each episode presents specific themes and can be utilized on a stand-alone basis. The use of several episodes will further develop the characters and enrich the viewer’s understanding of each character’s unique challenges and solutions.

Young students will have the opportunity to reflect upon the issues in their own lives and consider the choices available to them. They will be stimulated to discuss these possibilities with their peers and adults as well.

Each lesson includes the following segments:
• Synopsis
• Key Ideas
• Learning Objectives
• Setting the Scene for Viewing
• Learning Links:
• Links to Living Skills, Language Arts, Drama and Visual Art
• Recommended Reading List

The learning objectives for each episode are based on the curricular area of Living Skills, with cross over to the curricular areas of Language Arts, Drama and Visual Arts and form a large part of the activities. The strength of the guide lies in the direct link between the key ideas, objectives and activities in all of the above curricular areas. The My Hometown Discussion and Activity Guide has been created for use with young people in varied settings and at different age levels. Viewing the programs and reading the guides before presentation will assist teachers in determining the options.



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