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Welcome to Teachers, Schools, Libraries, Churches, Camps, Community groups and Associations!

Use my films and series with your group(s) or libraries with these educational license. See trailers lower on this page. One license per physical location.
* Single teachers can use the consumer version of our productions. Teachers or school libraries, or libraries who buy books of A POEM A DAY on our createspace pages can also use them in the classroom at no extra charges. We now have 1,4 Million members on Facebook - Most under 17 yrs old!
See for yourself at:
Notes for the Soul since 2003-->
The earlier 5 years of A POEM A DAY are now available! See book # 1 at: or # 2 at: or # 3 at: and # 4 at: & Book #5 at:

---> Use A POEM A DAY ENCORE COLLECTION (Any VIDEO Chapter, over 2600 short poems) Go to: Teachers can use the videos for FREE. Find them on YouTube at:

With the consumer version of our films rental or for sale, we grant ONE license per teacher, non-transferable. See details on respective trailers or contact us if needed. Otherwise, schools / libraries / AccessTV / church groups and the likes can get the educational license for each series.

Hospitals, homes, smaller groups (less than 50 people at a time) can use the consumer versions of these productions. (Simply contact us if you need to clarify where you stand.)

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* One simple fee for each series or individual episodes, and you can use it in the classroom!
* Immediate access at your convenience.
* Unlimited viewings and use in the classroom.
* When using consumer versions, one license per teacher, commercial use or resale forbidden.
* The content, the credits or the copyright information on the material should not be altered, but can be used in segments as needed.
* A normal subscription is all you need to pay.

--> Use my youth TV series MY HOMETOWN (English, 40 X 24 min episodes, educational guides available) Go to:

--> Use my French youth/family TV series QUAND LE COEUR ATTEND (26 X 24 min)! Go to: (I will upload the ENGLISH dubbed version A HEARTBEAT AWAY soon. Stay tuned!)

--> Use my film A DAY IN A LIFE! Go to:

Thank you for your interest.
Licensed granted to a teacher or a school cannot be sold or transferred.

Please leave a comment! If possible, let me know later what your students think!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or enquiries.


Jean Mercier
Poet and Filmmaker