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A collection used by educators all over the world in English classes or in regular schools to start discussions on social emotional learning and living together. Get 30% DISCOUNT + FREE delivery worldwide when you order our 11 Books collection through PayPal now! Express checkout at:

A POEM A DAY Volumes 1 to 10 (or 3650 original quotes/poems!) also on AMAZON at + children's novel "A.J. & THE MENAGERIE" (coming soon to television for 7 yr-old and +, 183 pages) by Junichiro Kuniyoshi also on CreateSpace, an Amazon Company at:
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  1. 10 Years / 10 Books from A POEM A DAY collection! 366 original poems in each book!

    TV commercial 2015 A POEM A DAY: The book collection from apoemaday.TV
    Order the whole collection from A POEM A DAY (10 poetry books by Jean Mercier + 1 children's novel by Junichiro Kuniyoshi: 11 books in total) in one click at:

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    Find Jean Mercier's Poetry Books one by one also on CreateSpace
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  2. Book: A.J. & The Menagerie: We Are Not Alone (30 sec TV)

    Underwriter - 30 sec - A.J. & The Menagerie

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    When we focus on love, anything is possible.
    ***** 5/5! "I am going to sit straight. Grandpa would want that."
    Perfect read for kids 7+, and great bed time story for all ages! Get them the book now!
    ***Find it also at your local bookstore or library. Ask ISBN: 9781499160208

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