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WDS 2016 Keynotes

WDS 2016: Pete Adeney

“If you can get yourself financially independent, not only does it give you the power to eliminate most of the bullshit in life, but it frees your life’s work to become more truthful.” Mr. Money Mustache (Pete Adeney in real life) formed the blog Mr Money Mustache to teach fellow Americans how to live a slightly less ridiculous life than average in order to amass an incredible surplus of money while still young and able to put it to good use. The blog has reached over 16 million people and become a study on life, happiness, and the joy of being able to focus on work that means something to you. As a speaker at WDS 2016, he taught us that while everyone sucks at managing it, money has the power to completely improve the world we live in, or trash it overnight, depending on what choices we make with it.

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