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The Holy Spirit - Antioch College Ministry

College Ministry : The Holy Spirit - Part 3

This week, Carl talks about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as described in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12 and 14. We are reminded that it is God's desire to give us these good gifts, and that, as followers of Jesus, walking in these gifts is in fact super-natural - extremely normal! When we utilize the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we come alive, the Church comes alive, and the lost come alive!

To end the semester at our college service, we are doing a 4-part series on the Holy Spirit. In Part 1, Carl answers the simple question, "Who is the Holy Spirit?" by looking at how Scripture describes the person and function of the Holy Spirit. Whether we're familiar with the Holy Spirit or He is new to us, we believe that as we invite Him to come be with us, we will experience friendship with God at a greater level.
This message is from Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas by College Pastor Carl Gulley
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