“Living different worlds – getting and sharing experiences – is what makes me a
nomad, a constant artistic movement that brings the possibility to blend magic moments
into a single imagery”.

Currently based in Brazil, Llano is a Latin American
cinematographer, visual artist - and sometimes director- which dedicates much of his free time to a long-term projects examining light throughout his worldwide journey, keeping an
dedicated photochemical still photography practice to compliment his work in

Llano is an active member of the Brazilian Society of Cinematography, ABC, a founder member of the Chilean Society of Cinematography, ACC; and a vegetarian mind.

Llano takes Polaroids to live.


do.C.orpo trailer (eng)

Our world is that of transcendence,
which in the crossing of the sands and in the body-nature relationship,
is built on the simplicity and sensoriality of perceiving us as we walk.
A journey about us, about interactions, about different levels of understanding.
A revolutionary poetic document of body.
A visual register inspired in Eadweard Muybridge's photographic works.

Bahia - Brazil, 2019


A revolutionary poetic document of body

directors: Daniela Guimarães + Llano
executive producers: Daniela Guimarães / Laurindo Almeida / Llano
production company: Anonimaprod
cinematography: Llano
sound design: Light + LIfe
music composer: Jorge Campos Astorga
montage - color grading: Llano / AnonimaColorLab
sound mix engineer: Napoleão Cunha

supported by:
Lei Estadual de Incentivo à Cultura de Minas Gerais.

Brazil, 2019


Phantom VEO 640S
Cooke S4i lenses
Tiffen Filters