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Ana Alcazar #anatastique Winter 2014

C‘est ANATASTIQUE. – Collection Fall/Winter 2014/15 by ANA ALCAZAR

The essence of the fall/winter 2014/15 collection by the Munich designer label ANA ALCAZAR is, in a nutshell, futuristically cool. As always sophisticated in the details and still minimalistic as a whole, it signifies the dawn of a new era: C’est ANATASTIQUE.

Traditionalism fuses with modernism, paradoxes turn pieces into self-assured statements: Coarse and delicate fabrics fuse; leather inserts add a nonchalant flair; zippers add an athletic touch; and bold, graphic prints and patterns are resolutely striking. The color palette spans from blue, beige and burgundy to black and white. The harmonious interplay of opposites signals the dawn of a new era.

This was also the theme of the photo shoot, featuring a futuristic glacial backdrop. The static world successfully contrasts the new collection’s boldly progressive look. The story has a clear message: If you desire to create something new, you must break with tradition. Without sacrificing it completely.

“The expression of femininity has many facets,” explain Be and Ju Ilzhöfer, successful designers for over ten years. “When you fuse extremes, surprising new looks are created. The latest creations are packed with a pioneering spirit, which is our motto for the fall/winter 2014/15 collection.” C’est ANATASTIQUE.