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Reconcile Project

‘Loving the other’. That’s what Reconcile is about. Who is your other? Republicans/Democrats? The homeless? The rich? People who are black/white/Asian/Latino/Middle Eastern? Gun owners? People with tattoos? Trump supporters? Hillary supporters? People you think are too skinny or overweight? Catholics? Muslims? Jews?

All Saints’ Parish in Beverly Hills hosted a night of thoughtful discussion and reflection around this very real challenge. Representatives from Hollywood, Politics, Social Action and Faith-Based Organizations dialogued about their challenges and engaged with an audience of 400 about how we might face this challenge together.

  1. Reconcile - Short Film

    A short film created by All Saints' Parish in Beverly Hills about the challenge of 'Loving the Other'.

  2. Reconcile - Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry Video

    Presiding Bishop Michael Curry introduces the Reconcile short film and discussion for All Saints' Parish in Beverly Hills.

  3. Reconcile Panel Discussion

    A thoughtful discussion about the challenges of "Loving the Other".

    - Moderated by Dee Dee Myers (former White House Press Secretary and now EVP Worldwide Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Warner Bros Entertainment

    Panelists include:
    - Quinton Peeples: Writer/Producer
    - Gary Roberts: EVP & Head of Legal at Fox Entertainment Group
    - Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers: Presiding Bishop's Director of Mission and Reconciliation
    - Todd Purdum: Senior Writer at Politico and Contributing Editor at Vanity Fair

  4. Brian Reconcile Pulpit Talk

    Brian Ide shares the origination story for the Reconcile Project.

  5. Reconcile - Behind the Scenes Footage

    Behind-the-Scenes footage and bloopers for the Reconcile short film.

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