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Over Eten - Konijn met pruimen (Rabbit with plums)

'Over Eten’ (On Food) is a tv show focussing on our present knowledge about food, produced by the news department of flemish public broadcaster VRT, Belgium. This item shows the reversed way of events on one of our national belgian dishes: from rabbit stew with plums back to the living rabbit. The rabbits are elektrocuted (numbed) before the actual killing by slicing the throat. Just by showing a series of reversed images it reveals a detailed and truthful story on daily foods and its origin. This video ‘Rabbit stew’ is one in a series of reversed stories on sugar, crisps, black pudding, jelly candy, lamb burger, pastry and mozzarella.

credits: director Alina Kneepkens, research Greet Verhaert, editor in chief Bart Mutton, concept Mario Mertens. DOP: Rolf Lemmens Sound: Caroline Pellecom Editing: Phlippe Piffet

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