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Recent work by Alicia J. Rose, Photographer/Director/Editor

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The Gift of Gravity

A trailer for the new short film "The Gift of Gravity" written and directed by Alicia J. Rose

Four teenage girls set out to play a video prank on an unpopular classmate but are transformed by what they witness behind closed doors.

Just Announced:
The Gift of Gravity will premiere at POWFest 2014 in March!
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Written and Directed by Alicia J. Rose
Trailer edited by Kacey Klonsky
Film edited by Margaret Andres
Starring: Nina Newsom, Ch'ney Soria, Morgan Love, Claire Manning, Kiah Stern, Jason Rouse and Katie O'Grady Field
Produced by Alcove Productions & Alicia J .Rose Photography
Story by Alicia J. Rose & Katie O'Grady Field
Director of Photography: Bryce Fortner, with 2nd camera Bradley Sellers
Additional Camera: Paulius Kontivas
Line Producer/1st A.D.: Janique Robillard
Production Coordinator: Raija Talus

Thanks to the Belmont Bodega!

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