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Recent Work

Recent work by Alicia J. Rose, Photographer/Director/Editor

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An Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer - Mini-Documentary Part 2/2

Performed by Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer
Directed/Produced by Alicia J. Rose
Audio Recorded by Ken Beaupre
Audio Mix by Jaron Luksa
Edited by Margaret Lily Andres
Co-Produced by Janique Robillard
Cameras: Brad Reeb, Eric Macey, Alicia J. Rose, Xtina Davies, Aaron Wong, Moira Morel
Taken from the recording of "An Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer" tour up the west coast in fall 2011.
The 3-disc record is available for preorder now at
and will be available everywhere on november 19th
Read ALL about the album at

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