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Alice Springs Film and Television

Alice Springs Film and Television are the Australian Outback video production and location specialists.

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  1. Skyfire

    September 11 2012.

    A freak natural event occurs in the middle of nowhere.
    Incredibly, only minutes before it begins just 300 meters away, a TV cameraman already has his camera on a tripod and rolling on something else. Al Gore tries to buy the video, and is rejected, twice..... and a global firestorm of coverage and controversy ensues.

    Original music by the Netherlands' Tjerk de Groot copyright 2012 vision copyright Chris Tangey 2012

  2. Too much grog, too much sorry

    This short corporate film features recovering Aboriginal alcoholics in Australia's red centre, their struggles and their advice to others.

  3. Music video- The SkyPilot

    Australian acoustic duo with their debut video.

    To view in full HD use the "expand" button lower RH frame.

  4. Music video-Warren H Williams

    Warren is a well known country singer in Australia, but here he tries a more pop/rock song

  5. A journey through the Northern Territory

    Alice Springs Film and Television's Chris Tangey shot this scenic journey in June 2010 from the South to the North of Australia's Northern Territory.

    © Chris Tangey 2010

  6. Corporate short film- CLC

    A film we produced for Central Land Council to explain the options Traditional owners now have in spending their newly acquired Northern Territory Parks rent money.