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Alice Springs Film and Television

Alice Springs Film and Television are the Australian Outback video production and location specialists.

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  1. Chuck and Teds' outback adventure

    Two kids, one grown-up and two uninvited puppets go on an adventure through the Northern territory.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Central Land Council- Community Development Unit

    Central Land Council- Community Development Unit's job is to help traditional owners achieve their goals.

  3. Beersheba-Ted Egan

    On October 31 1917, 400 years to the day Islamic forces had taken over the Jewish settlement of Beersheba, the 4th and 12th Australian Light Horse regiments took back the town, with just bayonets in hand, in the last great cavalry charge in history. The Turkish and German armies were taken by surprise as, even in 1917, a cavalry charge was considered old-school and primitive. The Turkish artillery in particular found it impossible to adjust the sights on their heavy equipment quickly enough to fire at the Australians advancing 5 times faster than the tanks they had become used to. Later that day the captured German Commander was to say of the Australians: "They are not soldiers at all; they are madmen". The taking back of Jerusalem 6 weeks later would have been impossible if the crucial water supplies of Beersheba weren't captured first. And so it was that the youngest nation on Earth (then just 16 years extant) opened the way for the eventual restoration of the world's oldest nation, Israel.

    Thanks to Glenn Jones and the Australian Outback Spectacular, Gold Coast Australia for their generous assistance in the making of this film. Black and white footage from the classic 1940 Australian film "40,000 horsemen" used with permission-Director Charles Chauvel

  4. Music video-Ted Egan "Old Ned"

    We produced this one near Camooweal on the Queensland/NT border, it went on to become a finalist for video clip of the year at the Country Music Awards of Australia, "The Golden Guitars".

  5. Skyfire

    September 11 2012.

    A freak natural event occurs in the middle of nowhere.
    Incredibly, only minutes before it begins just 300 meters away, a TV cameraman already has his camera on a tripod and rolling on something else. Al Gore tries to buy the video, and is rejected, twice..... and a global firestorm of coverage and controversy ensues.

    Original music by the Netherlands' Tjerk de Groot copyright 2012 vision copyright Chris Tangey 2012

  6. Too much grog, too much sorry

    This short corporate film features recovering Aboriginal alcoholics in Australia's red centre, their struggles and their advice to others.