Alfano Communications - Woman Owned. Woman Focused.

Alfano Communications: Storytellers
Unprecedented exclusivity.  Consultants with 30 Years of strategic excellence, yet still deeply passionate and personally committed to the work.

Work that is honest and genuine, work that motivates people and moves numbers, work of depth and quality. It seems obvious, but so often, as we become successful and our firms grow, the simple commitment to being personally involved, and providing excellent work gets lost in a sea of running a business, managing staff and juggling a growing client list.
Alfano Communications is different. We did the huge firm thing – dozens of clients each cycle, 30 employees, lots of money coming in and out. But I found, the bigger we got, the further I got from actually doing what I love – making ads, devising strategic plans – immersing myself into races and having a personal stake in the victory. So I changed it.
My commitment is to make Alfano Communications the most exclusive, top political media firm in the country. We take only a very few select races each year, and we spend our personal time and energy pouring ourselves into providing the most deeply insightful strategies and creating the most genuine, motivational advertising possible. I've returned this firm to the time when I lived and breathed each campaign. And there is no greater proof that this decision was a strong one than the extraordinary success of incredible clients like Governors Mitch Daniels and Terry Branstad, and our emergence as one of the top education reform focused consulting firms in the nation. So, our promise; for a very select few political races and groups each cycle, Alfano Communications will deliver the very best quality, personally committed media consulting that can be had.

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