Sheffield Film Co-op

In the early 1970s the second women’s liberation movement was engaging in raising consciousness about issues women faced in their domestic and work lives. This engagement produced differing analyses, ideas and practical approaches and soon highlighted the need to disseminate feminist ideas about the issues to a wider audience than those women already attending meetings. How to do it?

A small group of women with young children In Sheffield realised that film could be a powerful means of giving women the voice that they did not have in the mainstream media. Sheffield Film Co-op was always an all-women group and although the word 'women' was not in the the title, it became locally known as the 'women's film co-op'. The women asked men with film making skills for support in the early stages but the women have always had creative control. Having a local identity, i.e. not London based, was also an important aspect of the group's identity.

Chrissie Stansfield, Sheffield Film Co-op, 2019

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