Written and directed by Alberto Nacci
Technical-artistic consultant Mario Benedetti
Inserts by Carlo Bertelli, Alberto Veca, Mario Benedetti, Giorgio Upiglio
Music by Alberto Nacci and Alessandro Fabiani
Produced by Alberto Nacci / AJP Studio
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A movie by Alberto Nacci dealing with the art of chalcography
The characters: master’s hands, the plate, the paper, the roll, the ink.
The film passes in a deep silence which gets cut off only by the noise of the engraving burin, the turning roll, the wet paper.
Inside that silence the metamorphosis of the engraving, exchanging from the metal plate to the paper, comes true like a chrysalis.
It is a complex effort: the movie shows all steps in an estreme narrative clearness and uncommon effective teaching .
It is with bated breath that the flowing of engraving and printing can be observed, in order to watch how it will end up and what the surprise of results will be.
They are steps which can be described, but no handbook will be able to report whereas the limpid screening will do.
(Carlo Bertelli)

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