Written and directed by
Alberto Nacci

Music by
Adelio Leoni, Erik Ohl, Anselm C. Kreuzer

lenght 6'00''

Edited by Alberto Nacci

Produced by A.Nacci/ajpstudio
2015 - all right reserved

Videoart work realized by Alberto Nacci on fitness machines and the collaboration of some of the most important Italian Paralympics athletes: Rudy Cadei, Mario Esposito, Annalisa Minetti, Lorenzo Schieda, Stefano Villa.
The Perfect Machine is a trip in the extraordinary device of human life and its endless resources. From the gearings of some fitness machines to the muscle fibres of an athlete, Alberto Nacci’s lens follows the sportive gesture and captures the instants that form the movement. The motion of the training machines and the effort of the body succeed one another with an evocative rhythm in an exciting challenge between the mechanical tool and the “biological machine”.
Six minutes offer an intense dialogue between the functional mechanisms of the body and the ones of the artificial trainers. It is a journey inside and beyond our “living device”, a trip through the mental and physical potential of the being and of the person, which goes well beyond the person’s drawbacks and conditions of disadvantage.
Nacci’s work is an essay of great human profile and sportive value thanks to the exceptional stories that are told, but also proves the director’s fine artistic sensibility as he chooses light and sound effects of rare evocative force.

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