CLUSTERS by Alberto Nacci

Written and directed by Alberto Nacci (
Music by Philip Corner played at piano by the author.
Lenght: 12'20''.
Produced by Alberto Nacci/ajpstudio (
2009 - All right reserved.

A videoart work by Alberto Nacci dealing with Roberto Ciaccio’s artistic language meeting the musical poetics by Philip Corner.
A three sections (Shadows, Lines, Lights) video realised and directed into “Palazzo Fontana di Trevi” halls in Rome during the art exhibition “Le Son des Ténebres” by Roberto Ciaccio. The film sequences are regularly marked by Corner’s performance on piano, live recorded on the occasion of the vernissage (14th – 15th November 2008). A movie on the matter of arts spirituality; a research made of transparencies and light colours gradually gaining the clusters strength played by Corner on the piano, which might express an idea of art as … pure thought vibration.

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