Selfcare, care of oneself … deep into the core of your own life, with the fear of finding in your eye the sight of inner emotions.
It is by washing away and uprooting what restrains her own nature that Alessandra gets rid of whatever prevents her from feeling her intimate needs and living deep sensations.
Nocturnal and moony images combined with ancestral and rhythmical sounds produce hypnotic effects by evoking symbols and meanings related to the very soul of the individual.

Written and directed by Alberto Nacci

With Alessandra Corti
Music by Adelio Leoni
Filmed in the “basin of silk” of the Civic Library in Trescore Balneario (Bergamo)

Length: 3'30’
Produced by Alberto Nacci - ajpstudio (image&soundesign)
(2011 - © all rights reserved)

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