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  1. superfícies - gongoriin bombani hural (madeira) (Alberte Pagán, 2016)

    Dous planos de Mongólia (solar em construçom em Ulaanbaatar e estepa da Selenge Aimag) projectados sobre madeira. Noite e dia. Urbe e campo. A paisage sonora pertence à cerimónia do Gongoriin Bombani Hural, que se celebra no Amarbayasgalant Khiid.

    Two shots of Mongolia (building site in Ulaanbaatar and Selenge Aimag steppe) projected on wood. Night and day. City and countryside. The soundscape is the Gongoriin Bombani Hural festival that takes place in the Amarbayasgalant Khiid.

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  2. superfícies - al (esponja) (Alberte Pagán, 2016)

    Al Foster playing at the Café Latino in Ourense projected onto foam. Synch sound.

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  3. superfícies - berbera (canforeira) (Alberte Pagán, 2016)

    Image do mar de Berbera (Somaliland) projectada sobre umha canforeira. A paisage sonora é um pwe em Mandalay (Myanmar).

    Berbera's sea projected onto a camphor-tree. Soundscape: pwe in Mandalay (Myanmar).

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  4. superfícies - la tierra santa (biblioteca) (Alberte Pagán, 2016)

    Viage polo rio Irauádi projectada sobre biblioteca. Texto: Por Galicia, de Urbano Ferreiroa, publicado na revista Galicia en abril de 1893.

  5. superfícies - a mata (circuito electrônico) (Alberte Pagán, 2017)

    surfaces - The Killing (electronic circuit) (Alberte Pagán, 2017)

    Chronicle of an announced murder. The murderers are Dionísio Pereira, Lola Varela, Ínhigo Berriochoa, Mercedes Conde, Carlota Perea, Gonzalo Vilas and their accessories.

    Crónica dum assassinato anunciado. As e os assassinos: Dionísio Pereira, Lola Varela, Ínhigo Berriochoa, Mercedes Conde, Carlota Perea, Gonzalo Vilas e demais cúmplices.

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  6. τεμενος³ (Alberte Pagán, 2017)

    τεμενος¹: Holy precinct. Like the Acropolis of Athens. Fence, border that surrounds it. Structural Boundary.

    τεμενος²: Place-event near the village of Lyssarea, in Arcadia, chosen by Gregory Markopoulos for the projection of his ultimate opus Eniaios. Robert Beavers organizes the event every four years.

    τεμενος³: Documentation of the pilgrimage to τεμενος², from Barbança to Lyssarea and back. The times and places get mixed up when they share the same precinct, i.e. the screen. The limits of the screen as a border, as a τεμενος¹, as structural boundary of a square space where mental work can take place. The time of Eniaios becomes space in this film, the emptiness of space, space as time inside the frontiers of the frame.

    Five seconds, on the way out —deferred editing. 125 frames, on the way back —contiguous editing. Sometimes the movement in space breaks free from this strict time boundary.

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