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Elementary Schools

AISD Elementary School HD Programming

  1. Dyess Elementary "I Love America" Virtual Celebration 2020

    Dyess Elementary "I Love America" Virtual Celebration 2020.

    Produced by Jess Westman.

  2. CHS Virtual Graduation Ceremony 2020

    Cooper High School Virtual Graduation Ceremony 2020

  3. AISD COVID-19 Medical Update

    Dr. Young and Dr. Wiley discuss where we are now in the COVID-19 Pandemic and what to expect in the coming months

  4. Abilene ISD Baccalaureate Ceremony 2020

    May 17, 2020 at First Baptist Church

  5. 2020 AISD Service Awards and Retirement Ceremony

  6. AEF Teacher in the Limelight Banquet (April 2020)

    AISD educators are honored for outstanding teaching in all areas across the district. This virtual event was held on April 27, 2020

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