Thank you for joining our webinar on "The Rare Gold Pricing 'Malfunction' That Could Pay You 3-to-1 Gains." I say "rare" because this malfunction has occurred only four times since 1978. Each time, you could have had to the chance to more than double your money, on average.

Expert Interview #5: Frank Holmes / Michael Pento

You might know Frank from his regular appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox, and CNN or from his profiles in Barron's, Fortune, and the Financial Times. Frank is one of the world's top experts in mining stocks and the 2006 winner of Mining Fund Manager of the year. In his presentation, you'll discover the giant profit surprise that's still looming for certain gold and silver mining shares. Forbes columnist Michael Pento could be one of the most controversial market analysts on TV and in print today. But Mike is also a top expert in Austrian economics. And in his interview, you'll hear the compelling reason why today's debt-and-dollar disaster make's higher gold and gold-related returns almost an inevitability for 2012 and the years that will follow.